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Book Direct and Save™ owns, operates and manages ones of the fastest growing Corporate Hosuing Portfolios in the United Kingdom. Our dedicated Professional Accommodation provides professioanl longer term guests with a self catering hotel suite experience while they work away from home.

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Book Direct and Save™

Book Direct and Save™ manages the fastest growing network of Professional Corporate Housing in the United Kingdom. With upscale, well appointed, spacious and comfortable facilities, Book Direct and Save™ are the Corporate Serviced Accommodation specialists of choice for small, medium and multi-national companies doing business throughout the United Kingdom.

Unlike other standard accommodation providers, Book Direct and Save™ goes above and beyond to address each corporate clients needs and unique requirements.

Our impeccably appointed and Corporate serviced accommodation is strategically located throughout the UK and in high-energy urban centers; ideal for long term stays and company relocations.

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Book Direct and Save™ owns, operates and manages the fastest growing Corporate Serviced Accommodation network in the United Kingdom. We move mountains to accommodate your team, and can house up to 250 employees in multiple locations.

Dedicated Account Manager

Book Direct and Save™ is the Corporate Serviced Accommodation Specialist. All Corporate and Contractor clients have access to a dedicated account manager that is in place to assist will all your corporate accommodation requirements.

UK Locations

The Book Direct and Save™ network covers the entire United Kingdom and every major town and city. We also manage a number of aparthotels in Dublin and a Country House Estate in the Cotswolds featuring 19 beauitifully appointed luxury apartments.

Comfy Accommodation

Being away from the comforts of home can make corporate assingments challenging. It is important for your staff to feel as if they are in a comfy environment. The added space of serviced accommodation delivers the feeling of a home away from home.

Our Book Direct Rates

Because of the size of our network in the United Kingdom we own, operate and manage all our corporate accommodation assingments. This means you’ll always get our special Book Direct and Save™ rate and cut out the middlemen.

Full Kitchen

Our Corporate accommodations are all provided with fully fitted kitchen, offering your teams flexibility in their catering choices, in comparison to always relying on restaurant meals, the local pub and food delivery companies.

Hotel Suite Style Corporate Living

Home from Home

Book Direct and Save™ is a corporate accommodation booking concept that is as unconventional as it is charming. Our expert account managers combine harmoniously as an exceptional multi-disciplinary unit, ensuring your staff, employees and Corporate travelers find an exceptional home away from home, and an office away from the office, something beyond the typical hotel stay.

A Book Direct and Save™ serviced apartment hotel, provides a private bedroom, separate living and dining room, and a fully stocked kitchen, giving corporate travelers a sense of peace and quiet that is similar to home. This feeling of home and the ability to truly relax and unwind are just a few of the many reasons why corporate travelers are choosing our serviced apartment hotels over typical hotel accommodations.

Let's Get You Sorted...

We own, operate and manage an extensive UK accommodation network and by using Book Direct and Save we can often secure you significant discounts to Published Daily, Weekly and Monthly Rates.

Corporate Accommodation Vs. Hotel

Traveling for business, no matter the length of the assignment or project can be more stressful than usual.  Traveling can increase day to day pressures by having to juggle temporary living in a new setting with all of the logistics that entails. Coming ‘home’ at the end of a hard day to a claustrophobic space that many hotel rooms exude only adds to the pressure.

Corporate Accommodation from Book Direct and Save™, on the other hand, provide approximately 41% percent more space than a hotel suite.


Luxury Corporate Accommodation

Corporate Housing: Most Popular Choice in 2023

Eating out while travelling can get very tiresome, very quickly. As well as the motonony and health implications it can also become very expensive.

Ordering room service, for example, while convenient, comes at a premium and often the food is sub-par. Additionally, sitting on your bed and attempting to eat is not a very pleasant experience long term.

A Book Direct and Save™ Corporate Apartment means you have all the options you might have at home.

An important factor to professional success is effectively managing the pressures of your corporate stay. Routines can be very helpful and our serviced accommodation allows you to continue with your daily routines. You can cook and eat your meal in the kitchen, watch some television in the living room and then retire to the bedroom for the night, just as you if you were at home.

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